Operation Green Light

Have a suspended license? Overdue court obligations or traffic tickets? Operation Green Light is a great
opportunity to pay-off old obligations and get back on the road while saving up to 35% in collection agency fees.
Two Options:
1. Pay the full original amount. *
a. All additional collection agency fees and interest will be waived. b. Will close case and enable clearing driver license of that suspension.**
2. Set-up a payment plan to satisfy obligations.***
a. Collection agency fees will be waived.**
b. Interest will remain and case will not be closed until payment plan completed.
c. Initiating a payment plan will enable clearing driver license of that suspension. **
Full payment or the initiating of a payment plan may be done over the phone or in-person at both Alachua County Courthouses during business hours, April 4-8, 2022.
Phone: 352-374-3636
Family and Civil Courthouse (Civil Traffic Cases)
Mickle Criminal Courthouse (All Criminal Cases)
201 East University Avenue Gainesville, FL 32601
220 South Main Street Gainesville, FL 32601
*Cash, Personal/Cashier Checks, and Major Credit Cards Accepted (3.5% convenience fee added for credit card
**Driver license reinstatement fees are unable to be waived or included on payment plan. ***Payment plan requires a $25 initiation cost.
****If payment plan not completed, case will be returned to collection agency and fees will be reapplied.