Concealed Weapon License Application General Information

The Tax Collector acts as an agent for the Florida Department of Agriculture for purposes of issuing applications for Concealed Weapon Licenses.  This process is pursuant to Florida Statute 790.06.

You must be at least 21 years of age unless you are a servicemember, as defined in Section 250.01, Florida Statutes, or you are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces who was discharged under honorable conditions.

You must not have a DISQUALIFYING CRIMINAL RECORD or other condition that would make you ineligible for licensure. If you have any questions about your eligibility, you can complete the online preliminary eligibility questionnaire on our website. See CWP Eligibility Questionnaire

Florida Concealed Weapon Permits (CWP) are valid for 7 years. Renewals can be done as early as 95 days prior to the expiration date on the permit. Licensee should receive a renewal notice from the Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer Services (FDACS). If a Florida CWP is expired after the expiration date and within 180 days of expiration date a $15.00 late fee is applied.

Customers renewing a Florida CWP that are not Florida residents are required to be fingerprinted upon renewal and CWP will be mailed to them.

Customers coming from another state that already hold a CWP from that state must still provide proof of training in order to apply for a Florida CWP. Fingerprints would also be required. Their Out of State Permit alone will not be enough. (Proof of training includes Hunters Safety Course -can be from Out of State-, DD214, or Firearm Certificate from Course) See Acceptable Firearms Training for additional acceptable training.

If a Florida CWP has expired past the 180 day expiration date they must apply as an original applicant with original license fees. They may provide their expired Florida CWP or past training certificate in lieu of taking another training course.

Paper applications, fingerprint cards and pre-printed photos are not allowed. Application, fingerprinting and photo must be done in person and together at the time of CWP service per the Department of Agriculture.

Replacement CWP cannot be issued at any tax collector office. Customers that need a replacement CWP must either visit a FDACS Regional Office CLICK HERE or mail a request to FDACS CLICK HERE.

Where to Apply

Items to Bring

Applicants for Concealed Weapons License should bring the following:

  • A picture ID. A driver license or state-issued identification card is acceptable.
  • A copy of the training document or other certificate that confirms proficiency with a firearm.
  • Payment (see fee chart below)
  • Applicants who have ever been arrested must bring certified copies of the court documentation reflecting the final disposition of the charge(s) filed.
  • Applicants born outside the US, or permanent legal resident aliens, will need to bring official documentation to confirm citizenship status.
  • Any law enforcement officer, correctional officer or correctional probation officer with a Florida law enforcement agency who is applying as such, will need to provide official documentation of employment status with that agency.
  • If renewing, bring the renewal notice if available. A copy of the training document is not required for renewals.
  • If there has been a name change, provide a copy of the marriage certificate, divorce decree or other court documentation to show proof of the change.
  • If you fail to renew your license by its expiration date, you may renew it up to 180 days after it has expired. However, there is a late fee of $15 for renewing after the expiration date.
  • Concealed Weapon License Application Checklist 

What Happens When I Arrive at the Downtown Office?

  • An Alachua County Client Services Associate will direct you to a computer station to complete an online (computer) application form. Paper applications are not accepted.
  • Associates are not allowed to complete the online application for you. Associates will review your online application for completeness.
  • A photograph will be taken and fingerprints captured at time of application.

Please note: The application, photograph and fingerprinting must be done together at this appointment. Partial services are not permitted per the Department of Agriculture.

Application Timeline

  • For a new license, the application process takes about an hour or less. The application is sent to Tallahassee via the computer provided in our office.
  • By law the Department of Agriculture has 90 days from the date they receive the application to either issue or deny an application.
  • is the link to do an online status check.
  • For a renewal in our office the application will be processed while waiting and the license will be received prior to leaving. A non-Florida resident or anyone requiring a name change, will receive the license by mail.
  • DOA is expediting all Florida concealed weapon license applications for active duty military members and veterans.
  • Active duty military personnel, must include a copy of their Common Access Card, current orders or other form of official military identification with their applications. Honorably discharged veterans must submit a copy of their DD214 long form.

Fees – Original License

Judges and Retired Law Enforcement

There is no Original License fee for active Judges or Law Enforcement Officers who have retired within the last year! Please note non-active judges fees are the same as residents.

Expired CWP

If Florida CWP is expired after the expiration date and within 180 days of expiration date a $15.00 late fee is applied.

Fees – Renewals

Active Judges

There is no renewal fee for active Judges! Please note non-active judges fees are the same as residents.