Best Times to Visit Us

We’re always happy to serve you in person, but your time is valuable. In order to minimize your wait, consider the following suggestions:

      • Use our online or mail payment options first.  For many of our services, such as paying your taxes, renewing a tag, or renewing your driver license, you often don’t even need to leave the house.  For our internet payment options, check out the “I want to….” menu at the top of this screen.  For mail options, check our Contact Us page.
      • If your transaction requires an in office visit, or you just prefer to see us in person, consider booking an appointment.  There’s a link on our homepage, or you can Click Here.  Appointments are usually served by one of our customer service representatives within 10 minutes of checking in.
      • If you are unable to book an appointment, we recommend checking our wait times.  Our home page has these times, or you can text ‘ACTCFL’ to 41411.
      • Mondays, Fridays, the last day of the month, and days before and after holidays are by far our busiest days.  Consider visiting us on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for a quicker visit!
      • The mid-day hours from 11:30 to 1:00 and the late afternoon hours from 3:00 – 4:30 are our busiest hours.  Quick hint – the hour from 9:30 to 10:30 usually has our shortest wait times!
      • Check out the dates below. Based on historical data, we believe these days will be our busiest in 2016. You’re welcome to visit us on these dates, but be aware that wait times may be longer than our usual average.

January 4th

January 8th

January 30th

February 26th

March 30th – 31st

July 29th

October 31st

November 21st – 23rd

November 28th – 30th

December 28th – 30th

2017 Office Holiday Schedule

Martin Luther King Day – January 16th

President’s Day – February 20th

Memorial Day – May 29th

Independence Day – July 4th

Labor Day – September 4th

Veteran’s Day – November 10th

Thanksgiving Holidays- November 23th and 24th

Christmas Holidays – December 25th and 26th